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Get acquainted with 5 reasons

why you should find a job in the agricultural industry


Poland is the same for agriculture as Silicon Valley for technology

Our country is a world leader in several fields of agriculture: in the production and export of fruit and vegetables, dairy and meat products.


All the most interesting events take place in the agribusiness

Innovations Agriculture is an industry that is equally interesting and you can talk about it as much as about cryptocurrencies. Every day there are innovations that you do not expect from agriculture. According to Deloitte's 2030 world population will grow to 9 billion people, of which agriculture will have to feed. In 2017, start-ups from the AgriFood Tech industry received $ 10.1 billion in investments. So much lightcoin - one of the largest in terms of capitalization, cryptocurrency. Political fights and knowledge of economics Do you want to practice in your ability to say a few caustic words about politicians and businessmen? Agribusiness gives a great excuse to improve your rhetorical skills. The economy is inextricably linked with big business and, consequently, many loud stories: who received the subsidy and whether it is fair, who has been returned VAT, and who does not, how politicians will support agriculture and what it will lead to. In agribusiness everything is prepared for marketing There is a clear tool for engaging recipients - all those who work in agriculture, actively use Facebook or Instagram to raise brand awareness or communicate with clients. With farmers, you can work together in social networks as effectively as with any other group of recipients. The agricultural market is experiencing a sharp increase in marketing interest, but for most companies, it is still a novelty, it is just beginning to generate customer flows through digital channels, create recipients using content and learn to attract attention. We can rub this new trail together!


Polish farmers are still not very effective

Agribusiness performance is measured by the number of produced goods that can be grown in a specific area, for example, the number of tons of grain per hectare of land.

Thus Poland is successful in the cultivation and export of many crops, the effectiveness of agribusiness is much smaller than in other countries.

This can be explained for many reasons, among others because farmers inefficiently manage their farm, not using IT solutions to increase production efficiency, accounting, control and logistics.

That's why InConventus Group devotes a lot of effort for educating farmers, creating educational content on websites, training videos or specialized events. This is where you can gain practical knowledge about the complex activities related to attracting customers to B2B.


There are several dozen high-tech companies in agriculture

They develop technologically advanced services and software that increase the efficiency of business management, increase production efficiency and save money. And more is happening in the world! Researchers are actively developing the technology of laboratory production of artificial meat. We could not find any Polish company that would be involved in similar ventures. Working in the field of agrotech, our team begins to understand IT and get deeper into it. And that's cool!


Agricultural industry provides great career opportunities

Agribusiness is now as cool as a blockchain. InConventus Group focuses on young and dynamic people. Exactly like most of our partners working at AgriTech, where most employees are under 30 years old. Young people are people with open minds, unpolluted stereotypes and thinking outside the box. Therefore, if you want to deal with interesting marketing tasks and you are already bored with the routine of your current job, it's time to think about your career at AgTech! Apply to InConventus Group. We set ourselves an ambitious task. To educate thousands of farmers. InConventus Group is a key link in the chain of obtaining current and necessary knowledge. Farmers actively use Facebook and communicate via WhatsApp. It is through these (and other) channels that we must provide knowledge that will help develop their activities.


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